Guide to adding events to the Land Justice Network website events page

  • If you don’t already have one, request a wordpress website login from one of the administrators.
  • Please enter the venue location information first through:
    menu/My Calendar/Manage Locations
    Note – please add website URL and if able, information about wheelchair access and other accessibility info.
  • Next add the event information via
    menu/My Calendar/Add New Event
  • Choose a suitable event title. Please look at previous event titles to try and keep continuity, for example: ‘Land for What? at a Festival’ or ‘Brighton Land for What?’
  • We haven’t set up the event listing to show preview text so there is no need to put anything into the big box
  • You don’t need to add an image
  • Choose whoever you think is most appropriate as a host and use Ivor Mansion otherwise.
  • Choose a category – there is one for each working group (Land for What? is considered to be the education and outreach name) plus a category for members meetings. Please consult with others before adding more as we don’t want this to get out of hand.
  • Add a URL for the event. This is what people will click through to and can be a page or post on our site, a link to another website and even take people straight to the eventbrite page. I would recommend not sending people straight to event brite pages first as this will not work well after the event has happened, and I imagine that some people will still want to learn about past events after they have happened. Again, look at how things are currently set up to get an idea of best practice.
  • Add date and time – if the event is a two (or more) day event the use the recurring section. For example a two day weekend event ‘Repeats 1 times, every 1 Days’.
  • Event access – we have not managed any of these things yet, something to consider for the future. Please note that the location management section has the wheelchair and disability access information not the event.
  • Event Location – choose the venue you already entered
  • Click ‘Save Event’, then go and have a cup of tea/biscuit to celebrate.

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