London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative

LCNC’s vision is of a self-build urban co-operative creating a sustainable, healthy and self managed neighbourhood. This co-operative initiative serves as a holistic hub for self determined living, enabling the neighbourhood to put into practice what it needs and work towards achieving cradle to cradle control over our lives. It acts as a model for social, economic and environmental urban living and consciously explores alternatives to consumerism and over-consumption, while expanding the notions of family, education, community and neighbourhood.

LCNC aims to embed a nest of locally available resources into an existing urban London neighbourhood, including:

  • A lifelong learning centre and community space
  • Urban agriculture with Growing Otherwise
  • Health and Wellbeing Projects
  • Multi use work space
  • Local Mutual Fund with Finance Otherwise
  • Intergenerational Rental Housing

The first phase of the project will be the development of a straw bale housing and community centre. Using universal design principles and low impact construction materials and components, we aim to be a model for sustainable urban living.