Old coalition ‘About Us’ section

Our aims:

  1. Engaging people with a 21st Century land debate
  2. Creating space for collaboration
  3. Catalysing future activities and thinking about possible structures for these

Our themes:
1) Land for What?

      • Capturing, sharing and discussing views on what land means to people
      • What is land for? What do different movements think land should be for and what problems are they facing?
      • What do we have in common and where are the conflicts?

2) Land: Past & Present

      • Placing land as the common factor in multiple different struggles. Getting the facts out on the issues with the current system and how these feed into the struggles people are familiar with.
      • Reinvigorating a popular history of land rights struggles in England (and the UK) and relating this to international struggles where relevant.

3) Strategy and The Future

  • Options for tackling ownership directly. Learning from ongoing and historical case studies.
  • Options for reform of the UK’s land ownership system: changes to inheritance law, the planning system, farming subsidies
  • Identifying who has the power, and who we need to influence, win over, or overcome.